kundalini yoga - the yoga of awareness

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Kundalini yoga is also called  Raja (or Royal) yoga
It is the yoga of awareness, and even though it includes postures, it is beyond postures or asana. 
In kundalini yoga we work on the highest wholistic inclusion of ALL that you are. 
What does that mean? 
It means that when you attend class, you are working with ALL aspects of yourself: body, mind, spirit - which is why it is so powerful. 
In Kundalini yoga classes you will harmonise your chakra (energy wheels of consciousness) centres, your breath, your consciousness will elevate as you release old stuck energies... you will enjoy the power of locks, mudra and mantra (sound heals potently), chanting, healing meditation, deep relaxation!
You will have an opportunity to set powerful intentions, offer blessings and benefit from amazing group energy of aligned kundalini white light energy to uplift you to your infinite potential. 
We offer beginners, intermediate and advanced classes. As well as private tuition in person or online! We run workshops, specialized class themes, retreats overseas and within Australia. 
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