Kids Bliss yoga

Children are naturally yogis when allowed.. and yoga teaches them so much ... to feel comfortable and connected with their body, their feelings and unique expression ... to respect the body and have self confidence through movement and being free to be themselves ... 

Yoga  teaches children to release stress and wriggles, to learn how to focus, how to listen to themselves and others ... it helps children to breathe in a healthy, sustaining way, offering children calmness, clarity and the ability to really enjoy life, rather than worry too much. 

It helps with balance in life, balanced decision making, balanced relationships, play and work and rest!

In class we learn about meditation, and that everyone is unique and perfect ... we share, we respect and we enjoy to our unique capacity. 

I share visualisations, inspiration, yogic stories, musical instruments (crystal bowls, the gong and more), and we really have huge fun! 

Parents can either join in, watch or leave, if it is appropriate for the child/ren. 

Contact me with your questions on M: 0424 029 032, or or  check out our page through facebook:

Regular classes during school holidays are offered via the City of Burnside, school holiday programme. 

Regular classes during the term are Saturday mornings 10-11 am at St David's Church, 492 Glynburn Road, Burnside. Bookings essential, as classes fill up. $10- $12 per child. Pay at the venue or direct bank transfer. Please email me for details. 


I look forward to inspiring your child to healthy self confidence, flexibility and the ability to focus, relax and to enjoy the fullest happiest childhood with the wonderful gift of yoga!