Essential oils - a great gift from the plant kingdom 

What are essential oils all about? 
Let's be really transparent ... there is a lot of hype around essential oils these days, leaving many confused.  
In a nutshell there are people out there that make quite exuberant claims about the power of essential oils. 
As a scientist myself and having used essential oils for over 20 years, both intuitively and through researched awareness, I would prefer to share what I personally have experienced and touch on the research out there, and then encourage you to make up your own mind. 
Here is a great link to my favourite company about what an essential oil is :

What is an essential oil?

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You will get education, resource directions, support and guidance from myself and my team about the essential oils and hence natural and toxin free living, You will learn about their uses and applications and where to get easy access to information, such as reference guides to oils, when to use which oil, warnings of when nit to use them, how to use them in your entire lifestyle, i.e. in bathing therapy, skin care, internal uses for increased wellbeing, in cooking, for pets and for deeper self care (minus the toxins). 

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Why I recommend essential oils

As a yogi/ yoga teacher specialising in women's health and wellbeing; as a mother of three, and a business woman running my own company, as a research scientist with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) (immunology and boichemistry) and currently doing a PhD in sleep and breathing, all aspects of my consciousness understand, feel and experience the countless gifts of the essential oils in my personal life!


I simply love to encourage all who are interested in living with less stress, more clarity and health and  to all who really want to decrease not only their own toxic load, but also who wish to decrease the footprint upon the planet they create by ignoring a healthier way, (by now living in a more conscious and eco friendly way)- to explore essential oils as part of their elevated way of living. 

Plus you are supporting a leading edge company that truly gives back to the planet and its people. Win- win -win for all concerned. 

A a conscious yogi and a discerning scientist, I feel beautifully aligned here at this moment, and trust it will continue that way. I will keep reassessing this often. 

So come and explore this with me, if you resonate! 

Simply contact me and let me know how I can help you. Above is a link with ways to order, and ways to educate yourself and ways to reach me! 

Benefits of Essential oils

Essential oils in general can help with (depending on the oil):

  • improving sleep 

  • de-stressing 

  • anti-ageing

  • digestion

  • headache release

  • sore muscles 

  • meditation practise

  • breathing more deeply

  • immunity support

  • removing bacteria

  • healthy skin repair 

  • skin maintenance 

  • moods

  • hormonal balance

  • feeling amazing

  • being uplifted

  • refreshing and revitalising

Why doTERRA ? 

Let me count the 8 ways ... 

1.the co-impact sourcing model- giving back!

2. purity and efficacy - no fillers or added chemicals

3.Extraction Methods for keeping highest quality

4.integrity of the people          involved - the business           model is inspiring

5.there’s an oil for most          things- incredible                  versatility for self care        and clean living!

6.transparency     -100% pure source to      you      - batch numbers fully        traceable 

7.CLEAR Education is provided on uses and safety 

8. research is constant - about oils and health benefits

What you  get by joining with me....

Super passionate support in your choice and new journey ...  (through personal workshops, facebook group connection, emails and phone calls for any support you may need)

Education on the oils and on how to really embrace them... the scientific (emotions, hormones, antibacterial effects, vibrational elevation, cooking,personalised perfumes, household clean living and much more) and spiritual dimension included (meditative support, grounding support, heart expansive support)..

Guidance on how to use (store, apply, purchase etc.)the oils, how to use them intelligently, safely, respectfully ...  to enhance your health, your pet's health, to support clean living and respect the planet more and if you wish how to share or make products (like personalised perfume, aura sprays, room refresher sprays, facial products for great skin, scented toxin free candles, body scrubs, bath salts...) or if you wish to create amazing workshops to empower and inspire others I'm here to show you how... 

If you wish to jump into the world of financial freedom while sharing what you love,  or to simply get your oils for free, or if you feel like you're ready to own your own business, supported by like minded people: then simply say hello by emailing me and clicking the button below, and ask me any questions you may have, and get ready to receiving realistic, positive, well-researched and empowering support and information on how to fly with this amazing essential oils dōTERRA business*.



I LOVE it* for MANY reasons:

I love to lead and be creative, and be my own boss. 

I love to only support and associate with or as an ethical and conscious company. I really feel JOY and alignment with such an integrity-filled company, and feel good knowing we're doing great things for humanity and the planet - and of course this starts with full self-care and self-responsibility. 

I love the like minded people I interact with daily! Absolute total joy, each time, this is the truth of it!!! 

I love the way we keep growing and learning more, staying on top of leading edge knowledge & education & training at our own unique pace. 

I love the support I receive with any questions I have from our team. Always! 

I love the way dōTERRA reward each of us financially and how this is a beautiful celebration of mutual caring and global exchange. 

I love how we can visit the sites/countries where the oils are harvested and be involved, and to help other countries through the healing hands foundation and be part of improving lives in countries that have less. 

I love the guarantees of purity, the transparency through specific batch codes, and the fact that  dōTerra carefully select local farming so the harvested oils are grown in their natural habitat and hence healthy and strong and in respectful coordination with the earth- i.e. no need for manipulation of the plant with chemicals. Respecting integrated agriculture and hence the earth,and in many ways aligned with permaculture principles.


I love this because this is the way of the future and very much needs our support. 

I love the way this is literally good for ALL concerned .. us, the planet, the all. 

I love how it is literally educational, playful and empowering and we are

simply sharing what we already love: the great gifts and benefits of the high vibrational oils in people's life, uplifting each human touched by the plant kingdom's gifts, and at the same time reducing your human /ecological footprint on this divine planet.



What could be more rewarding? And this is an urgent call .. the planet and humanity really need this coming back to integration with nature and conscious choosing high vibrational living ... 


So if you resonate, see you soon!! I look forward to meeting you, serving you, serving the planet  and all in so much aligned JOY !!!!