Corporate Wellbeing 

Corporate wellness is compelling. It provides employees with the opportunity to feel good, and in turn be more productive, effective and creative.


A powerful program that employees can adopt and carry out easily improves the mental, physical and social wellbeing of the company.

This goes far beyond the work place too, for the practises and programme/s  will benefit employees and CEOs outside the workplace also, enhancing all relationships, including the one with oneself.


It is about revisiting and enhancing all levels of wellbeing: learning about and immediately experiencing meditation for calmness, focus and higher clarity; breathing to empower and de-stress;  it is discovering how to use the mind's programmes and ways in an optimum way; how to be in the physiology of excellence and what this can help you with; how to release worry and how to deal with it in an effective way; how to choose your state of being, and the countless benefits of this; how to the harness the benefits of emotional and mental support through a simple 2 minute meditation practise before important meetings or big decision making. It is about how to orient your thinking in a positive way TOWARDS what is wanted, towards the desired goals and why this is vital. It is about the awareness of how to set healthy goals and why we sabotage ourselves at times and how to no longer engage in that unhelpful behavioural pattern. 

Employees and CEOs will learn how to work with stress patterns and break them, how to keep the vagus nerve healthy, which in turn benefits the entire physiology so you can feel powerful and highly functioning on ALL levels. The importance of epigenetics and neuroplasticity will be explained in easy to understand language, to empower you beyond the workplace! 


Mental health improves by definition by attending this programme.


Employees and CEOs will enjoy this healthy highly functioning state as a greater way to be present to all situations that life brings. The co-creation and creative thinking that is supported through this training benefits all concerned. 

The entire working environment thrives on a higher level.